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Winclove's Highlights from Vitafoods 2017


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Probiotics for Management of Allergies

Studies have shown that allergies are associated with a reduced microbial biodiversity and alterations in the gut microbiome. To manage allergic symptoms Winclove has developed the probiotic formulation Ecologic® AllergyCare. Ecologic® AllergyCare has proven in clinical studies to significantly reduce atopic dermatitis (eczema) and allergic rhinitis (hay fever). 

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Probiotic Summit


This year’s Vitafoods Europe Education Programme was developed to increase flexibility offering more focused education opportunities and effective networking, as well as creating more time to also attend the Exhibition. The Education Programme had three content platforms one of which as the Probiotics Summit. The Probiotic Summit started with a keynote panel discussion dedicated to bridging the knowledge gap between probiotics and prebiotics. 

It was a great pleasure to meet so many of our customers at the Vitafoods. Thank you for your visit!

This year Winclove participated in the keynote panel discussion of the Probiotic Summit focused on bridging the knowledge gap between probiotics and prebiotics and gave two presentations on brain health and allergy. For those who were not in the ability to attend but are interested in the information, we are happy to share the highlights with you!




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Probiotics for Brain Health


The intestinal barrier plays an important role in the communication between the gut and the brain. Research has shown that an impaired barrier function can affect brain function and behaviour. The probiotic formulation Ecologic® Barrier has shown to significantly reduce the sensitivity for depression and severity of migraine. 

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Vitafoods 2017

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