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Educational Materials for Healthcare Professionals 


Part 2: Workshops


By Dr. Karen Koning





The increasingly strict regulatory framework is making it more and more challenging to communicate about probiotics and their benefits not only to consumers but unfortunately also to health care professionals.  In this newsletter I would like to share our experience with our educational programme, with you our partner as a best practice.


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Karen Koning, Global Education Manager & Senior Scientist at Winclove Probiotics 


Educational programme


When we decided to enter the Dutch market with our own probiotic product line we soon learned that most Dutch health care professionals have little knowledge about the role of the microbiota in health and disease. However, this understanding is crucial when trying to explain what the health benefits of probiotics are and why health care professionals (HCPs) should advise them to their patients/clients. This was the main reason to set up an educational programme. In addition, it gave us the opportunity to communicate our view on probiotics with HCPs (multispecies, sachets, indication specific etc). Currently we offer 2 different options:


 Accredited workshop (CME points per occupational group)


 Tailored workshops 



Accredited workshop (CME points per occupational group)



Here we have invited 2 local independent speakers (a renowned scientist and a clinical doctor) that give an up-date about the scientific state of the art and their experience from clinical practice. Thereafter, we will  translate science into practice. We inform the participants specifically about probiotics and how to use them and address frequently asked questions (see below the full workshop programme). As many HCPs had questions about our products we decided, after careful consideration, not to accredit this part of the workshop as this gives us the opportunity to talk about our products. Something which is not allowed during an accredited workshop.

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Example of educational programme in Dutch in Winclove's Health Care design 

Download English text accredited workshop 



Download Dutch example accredited workshop 



Tailored workshops



These workshops and lectures are not accredited but tailored to the specific need and wishes of the HCPs. Here we address specific topic that are of interest to the HCPs that we visit on location. Often we also include a product training. 

For both option we make a distinction between the medical professionals (such as specialists and GPs) and paramedical professionals (such as dietitians, specialised nurses and therapists).  This is necessary for the accreditation but also because we have learned that the focus of both groups is very different. In general the medical professionals focus more on the scientific evidence whereas the paramedical professionals are more practically orientated. What can it mean for my patient? Are there contra-indications? Is it reimbursed? etc etc. 





The workshops are very well received. We also notice that it increased our sales and our (research) access into hospitals, care homes and research institutes. Currently, we are setting up an e-learning module for the paramedici to give follow up to the current workshop. This e-learning will focus on a more specific topic: “antibiotic associated side effects and the role of microbiota interventions”. 



Currently, we are setting up  e-learning modules for paramedici

The example of the educational programme in Dutch in Winclove's Health Care design is in accordance with the Dutch legislation.  When interested you are free to use the content as you wish. You can use the content as such or ask your marketing department to use parts and adapt it to you market and your positioning of the products. Please be aware that each partner is responsible to make sure the information is in accordance with their (local) legislation. When interested we are more than happy to help you set up an educational program in your country and to share our experience. If you have any questions or suggestion or would like our advice, please do not hesitate to contact me.





Educational Support

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