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Preventing antibiotic-induced disturbances with probiotics

Antibiotics are among the most important drugs to combat otherwise deadly infectious diseases. However, they come with unwanted-side effects since they do not only eliminate pathogens but also kill our beneficial bacteria. After an antibiotic treatment, our microbiota recovers but the original composition and diversity are not fully restored. These disturbances have been linked to all kinds of health conditions. The medical world is starting to accept that antibiotic treatment can cause a marked and prolonged disturbance of the microbiota leading to long-term health issues. Fortunately, antibiotic-induced disturbances can to some extent be restored by probiotics. 



The probiotic formulation Ecologic® AAD  has been specifically developed to prevent and restore these disturbances. Winclove has developed a video animation that explains the detrimental effects of antibiotics on the microbiota, and how probiotics can aid in restoring bacterial populations. We hope this video will be useful for your communication as well. If you are interested in using this animation in your marketing materials please contact us.



Preventing antibiotic-induced disturbances with probiotics

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