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Microbiota in Health and Disease

How the infant and child microbiota influence health (later in life). 




Did you find Giulia Ender’s book “Gut” about the secrets and science of our digestive system, a page turner? Then you might like her new TedX talk as well. Here she tells the story how and why she became fascinated by the gut (arguably) the most underrated organ of our bodies.



Scientists at the moment are looking at things like do some bacteria help us clean the gut, do they help us digest, do they make us put on weight or have a lean figure although we eat a lot. Others make us feel courageous or even more resilient to stress.

And actually the thing is, it is about a healthy balance, I think. You can’t avoid the bad all the time, this is simply not possible. There is always some bad around. It is about having good bacteria, enough of them".










Microbial lecture

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