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Women & their Microbes

Friday, 2nd June, 2017

This year Women & their Microbes focuses on the impact of external influences on the female microbiome and highlights both practical and theoretical elements. We asked Dr. Jessica Younes, of the organizing committee, why and who should attend the conference!

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Dr. Jessica Younes

Why this conference?

“Women and their Microbes is the only conference in the world that addresses the varied roles of microbes in women’s health and provides practical strategies to enhance health. The conference is very useful since the microbiome is not well integrated in clinical practice, patient care and public awareness. The more we can highlight these important influences on women’s health the better chance we have to have a positive impact to make a public health difference.”



Who should come?

“Everybody is welcome, whether you’re a clinician, academic, scientist, student, or just women’s health enthusiast- there is something for everyone!”

What will people learn?

“They will learn that we as humans are intricately connected to our microbes: in other words, everything we do affects our microbes and our microbes influence everything we do. At the conference, we of course take the example of the female microbiome but people should remember that this microbial impact extends to all biological systems. The important thing about women is that you can impact the health of future generations very dramatically. This interdependency will only become more important as science and medicine continue to further understand these human-microbe relationships. Attendees will also learn that microbes do some really cool things; they can produce hormones, affect our immune system, communicate directly with our cells and each other, help digest food and produce vitamins. And all of this happens with the extremely tiny organisms in our body; our microbes are truly underappreciated!”


View the conference agenda on  Women & their Microbes website 






Women and their microbes

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