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Frequently Asked Question:

What is “TURBO”?


TURBO is a vegetable protein or rice protein and a key ingredient of Winclove’s PROBIOACT technology. TURBO improves the metabolic activity of the bacterial strains and positively improves the rehydration time from 15 minutes to 1 minute before you can consume your probiotics.

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Metabolic activity as parameter for quality

For a probiotic to work you need more than just the right combination of bacteria and an adequate amount of colony forming units. If you want it to be as effective as possible, the bacteria need to be in a good condition. This condition is measured by metabolic activity, i.e. the capability of the bacteria to produce metabolites. The metabolic activity is one of the most important parameters for the quality of a probiotic product. TURBO improves the metabolic activity of the probiotic bacteria in our products.  


Positive effects of metabolic active bacteria

One of the major groups of metabolites probiotic bacteria produce is lactic acid. By producing lactic acid the pH inside the intestine is lowered. This lower pH will make it harder for potentially pathogenic (or harmful) micro-organisms to colonize the gastro-intestinal tract, with possible detrimental effects on your health. In addition, metabolically active bacteria are also capable of producing more bacteriocins. Bacteriocins are components produced by non-pathogenic bacteria and protect against pathogenic micro-organisms. Furthermore, it is shown that when bacteria are active, they are better able to maintain themselves in the GI-tract, which is important, because: the more probiotic bacteria, the more efficacy.

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Ready for consumption in            only 1 minute

The other area where the functionality of TURBO is beneficial, is during rehydration (when the probiotic powder is dissolved in water before consumption). Winclove’s probiotic strains are in a lyophilized (freeze-dried) form, which means that the bacteria are still alive, but metabolically inactive. To become ‘probiotic’ the bacteria need to ‘wake up’ first, and get their metabolic processes going, before they can start doing what they were selected for. ‘Waking them up’ is simply done by adding water and leaving the solution to stand for 10 – 15 minutes. Addition of TURBO positively affects the rehydration time. Adding TURBO to your probiotic formulation results in a much shorter rehydration, and thus activation, time. Practically this means that when TURBO is added, a probiotic can be consumed 1 minute after rehydration instead of having to wait for 15 minutes.




Frequently Asked Question: what is “TURBO” _1740


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What is Turbo in de products of Winclove Probioticsa? Turbo is a vegetable protein or rice protein and a key ingredient of Winclove’s PROBIOACT technology.

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