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Educational Materials for Healthcare Professionals 


Part 3: Product overview and Indication guide


By Dr. Karen Koning





Although every market is different and has its own hurdles and challenges, there is one that we all face;  the increasingly strict European regulatory framework that is making it more and more challenging to communicate about probiotics and their benefits, not only to consumers but unfortunately also to health care professionals.  To communicate as best as possible within this regulatory framework, Winclove's Health Care Department has developed several marketing/education materials. In this newsletter I would like to share our product information overview and indication guide with you, our partners, as a best practice.  


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Karen Koning, Global Education Manager & Senior Scientist 


Product overview and indication guide



Due to the current European legislation, we are not allowed to make any reference to the indication on the package of the product, since this would be an unauthorized health claim. For our probiotic line on the Dutch market we have chosen Winbiotic as our product name, and we distinguish the different products based on colour and extension.

 Winbiotic Pro.AD (yellow)  “Antibiotic Diarrhoea”

 Winbiotic Pro.CR (orange) “Constipation Relief”

 Winbiotic Pro.IB (green) “Inflammatory Bowel”

 Winbiotic.SC (blue) “Spastic Colon”



As we cannot communicate what the extensions stand for, our health care professionals often find it hard to remember the name of the product they have to advice, especially when they just start advising our products. For this reason, we have developed a product overview and indication guide which can be combined to an indication-product overview by matching the colours. At the moment it depends on how strict local authorities will implement the EFSA claims regulation in your country regarding communication with health care professionals whether or not colour coding can be used to link information to each other.

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      Indication guide

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      Product overview




When interested, you are free to use the content as you wish. You can use the content as such or ask your marketing department to use parts and adapt it to you market and your positioning of the products. Please be aware that each partner is responsible for making sure the information is in accordance with their (European and local) legislation.   





The feedback that we got from our health care professionals was very positive and we hope this information can be of use to you!




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