Probiotics for urogenital infections

The microbiota and chronic kidney diseases

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Read the scientific article 

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There is a clear link between the vaginal microbiota and urogenital infections. Recently a systematic review was published that determines the efficacy of probiotics for prevention and/or treatment of urogenital infections in adult women. The review concluded that probiotic interventions are effective in treatment and prevention of urogenital infections.



A selection of latest published reviews on the

microbiome and probiotics

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Alterations in the gut microbiota have been found to correlate directly with the incidence of diabetes and hypertension, the main causes of chronic kidney diseases (CKDs). In a recently published review, the authors discuss how dysbiosis through alterations in the gut barrier and the activation of immune system could intensify the progression of CKD and vice versa. 

New scientific probiotic studies

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