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Panel session 5: Tuesday 11th October; 14.05

Reducing vulnerability to depression in healthy adults:multispecies probiotics reduce cognitive reactivity to sad mood. Dr. Laura Steenbergen, Institute of Psychology, Leiden University.


Panel session 8: Tuesday 11th October, 14:55

Form, function and diversity within the vaginal environment; the implications for dysbiosis and health. Dr. Jessica Younes, Winclove.

The 5th Beneficial Microbes Conference,

10-12 October, Amsterdam
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The 5th Beneficial Microbes Conference is focused on pre- and probiotics for lifelong human and animal health. The events discusses the latest scientific results and future developments from a new perspective, that is, the impact of pre- and probiotics related to the specific needs of human and animal growth and development. 

5th Beneficial Microbes Conference

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