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Winclove Top Talent Project

Career opportunity for junior scientists to design their own microbial research project


To further innovate our probiotics we are looking for creative scientific talents in the human microbiome field. The WTTP is available for excellent European researchers who have just earned their MSc or PhD. You will get the opportunity to design and carry out your own science project dedicated to microbial/probiotic research. 

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Are you an independent spirit with real guts and bright ideas, keen on creating your own 1-year science project in the human microbiome field? Do you want to develop your talent in an innovative biotechnology enterprise in the inspiring city of Amsterdam? Then the Winclove Top Talent Project (WTTP) is the challenge you are looking for!


Candidates will be selected based on their academic record and a promising and original project plan. If you can demonstrate insight in microbial research topics, we are more than interested in receiving your application and project plan.


Winclove offers you a great place to work and the opportunity to fully explore your talent. You will carry out your project at Winclove’s office, located in Amsterdam, The Netherlands. Winclove’s laboratory is equipped with bacterial cell-culture and molecular microbiology analysis facilities (PCR, RT), lab-scale fermenters and drying system. There is also the possibility to outsource laboratory services and analysis. A senior scientist with valuable experience to learn from will guide you during your year and Top Talents from the previous year will show your way around the Dutch culture 




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Winclove is offering research opportunities for scientific talents

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