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What does freeze drying do to probiotics?

There is a lot to learn about probiotics. Every month we will answer some of the most frequently asked questions regarding our probiotic formulations. Got a question yourself which you would like to be answered? Do not hesitate to ask us!

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Freeze-drying is a commonly used technique for the production of dried powders of probiotics. Water is removed from the probiotics to an extremely low moisture content. In order to obtain a product with suitable properties and higher number of viable probiotic microorganisms, it is important to optimize the production process of probiotic preparations. If bacteria are dried properly, they remain alive (although dormant) and start to grow again after they are rehydrated. After the freeze-drying process stability and viability, as measured by CFU counts when cultured, depends on limiting their exposure to conditions such as warmth and moisture. Packaging such as moisture absorbing jars will help absorb and reduce moisture in the package. Protective ingredients from the PROBIOACT technology reduce damage to the cells leading to formulations that have longer shelf-lives compared to products such as yoghurts or drinks. In addition, they do not need to be kept refrigerated.




Customer questions

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