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Research confirms:
a good carrier material
is essential for the effectiveness
of probiotics

Why are probiotics blended on a carrier? The declaration of the carrier material on a label often makes consumers question why these ingredients are in the product. The reason why probiotic bacteria are mixed with other ingredients is that the probiotic properties of a formulation are not solely determined by the probiotic strains itself, but also by the harbouring matrix. Winclove’s probiotic formulations are usually mixed on a carrier material consisting of maize starch, maltodextrin or rice starch, and other functional ingredients. The carrier matrix protects the bacteria against moisture from the environment and by this ensures the cell count of the bacteria during shelf life. Besides, it contains protective and nutritional ingredients for their journey though the GI-tract. The sum of these ingredients are known as the PROBIOACT® Technology.  The effect on stability, GI-survival and metabolic activity have been proven for each formulation in vitro


Recently, a scientific article has been published reviewing the available knowledge on probiotic bacteria and their relationship with carrier matrices. The results from this review indicate that the carrier matrix has a significant impact on the quality of probiotic products and that the matrix can exert a strain-dependent effect on viability and activity of bacteria.



Important intrinsic and extrinsic factors that influence probiotic viability.

From: Flach J. et al. The underexposed role of food matrices in probiotic products: Reviewing the relationshipbetween carrier matrices and product parameters. 2018

The function of a carrier material in probiotics_1468



The authors conclude their findings with:  "The conventional view of strain-specific probiotic effects as primary indicators of probiotic product value needs to be accompanied by an appraisal of strain functionality in a particular carrier matrix. Any health claim should hence relate to the probiotic product as a whole as opposed to being based on the clinical effects of probiotic strains by themselves".


These recommendation are in line with Winclove’s product development process of adding strain-specific ingredients to probiotic formulations, and the testing of complete end-formulations, instead of single strains, for their effectivity.



Read the scientific article 








The function of a carrier material in probiotics

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