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Probiotics aid in relieving constipation

A recently published review presents an overview of proven probiotic formulations for constipation treatment. Among these probiotics is Winclove's formulation Ecologic® RELIEF.

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Constipation is one of the most common gastrointestinal conditions affecting 12-27% of the general population1. Although the harmfulness of constipation itself is limited, it can be linked to increased risk of many related diseases such as; kidney disease2, Parkinson disease3 and colorectal cancer4. Besides, constipation can also affect the quality of life of people by increasing the risk of anxiety and irritability, and decreasing appetite5.

There are many risk factors for constipation and the exact cause is often unknown. Mechanisms thought to play a role are a reduced peristalsis and a shift in the intestinal microbiota6

Risk factors for constipation.

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It is suggested that the intestinal microbiota of constipated people is in dysbiosis. For example, it contains higher concentrations of Clostridia and Staphylococci compared to the intestinal microbiota of non-constipated persons7



Currently, constipation is often treated with laxatives. Although laxatives have been extensively used in clinics, its use not only induces more side-effects, but also incurs huge costs. For example, laxative spending reaches approximately $500 million per year in North America8.

Hence, there is an urgent need to develop new treatment options for constipation. Due to its safety, convenience and curative effects, microbiota management therapies have great potential in constipation therapy. Over the past decades, several studies have been published investigating the relationship of constipation and gut microbiota, and the use of prebiotics, probiotics, synbiotics and faecal transplant therapies on relieving constipation.



In a recently published article, researchers reviewed the available literature on microbial treatment therapies in chronic constipation9. They present an overview of eleven, pre-, pro- and symbiotic formulations with proven efficacy on constipation treatment. Among these probiotics is Winclove’s probiotic formulation Ecologic® RELIEF.

In line with the recommendations of the authors how an effective probiotic for constipation should look like, the probiotic formulation Ecologic® Relief is developed to optimize the intestinal microbiota and improve clinical symptoms.

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Read more about the probiotic formulation Ecologic® RELIEF on Winclove's website 



Read the scientific article 


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Probiotics aid in relieving constipation

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