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Development of indication-specific probiotics

Bacteria are extremely important for our health. In addition to our body cells, we carry a considerable amount of bacterial cells. Together with other microorganisms, these bacteria form our microbiota. The bulk of these bacteria are found in the gut, where they play a vital role in maintaining our health. They are involved in, for instance, the development of the immune system, digestion, synthesis of vitamins and protection against pathogens. Scientific research has found more than 25 diseases to be linked to a dysbalance in the gut microbiota.

Understanding the mechanisms by which probiotics influence microbiota is essential in designing probiotic therapies for specific health indications. It is important to be aware that probiotic strains are unique in their functionalities. Different bacterial strains of the same genus and species may exert completely different effects on the host, which is for example the case for Lactococcus lactis strains W19, and W58. Both strains can be present in a probiotic formulation for a different reason.


To develop an effective probiotic formulation it is important to select bacterial strains that possess the right functionalities. That is why, when we start developing a new formulation, we first look at the mechanism behind the indication for which the product is being developed. Then we look for probiotic strains that can influence this mechanism.  


Listen to a podcast of Winclove's scientist Linda Mulder, explaining how indication-specific probiotics are being developed.

Besides selecting the right bacterial strains for each indication, it is also important to make sure that these strains arrive at their final destination in good condition. To ensure this, we add protective and nutritional ingredients to the formulation. These specifically selected ingredients have shown to:

 Optimize the stability of the formulation at room temperature.

 Protect the bacteria against stomach acid and digestive enzymes during the passage through  the GI-tract.

 Improve the metabolic activity of the probiotic bacteria in the small intestine. 


We call these ingredients our special PROBIOACT® Technology, which is short for Probiotic Activity and which is specifically designed for every formulation.  The combination of specifically selected bacteria with  this PROBIOACT® Technology ensures a stable and effective probiotic formulation.








Indication-specific product development

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