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  New Consumer Infographics

From the International Scientific Association for Probiotics and Prebiotics (ISAPP) 

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Nowadays it is more critical than ever to translate scientific concepts to patients and consumers. Communication tools like infographics are gaining popularity as more and more patients turn to ‘Dr. Google’ for credible information about probiotics and the microbiome. 

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Among the worldwide scientific authorities on probiotics and prebiotics, the ISAPP stands head and shoulders above the rest. As a community of academic and industry scientists, their mission is to advance the scientific excellence in probiotics and prebiotics.

A recent communication initiative is the formation of the ISAPP Science Translation Committee (STC). The STC is a team of academic, clinical, and industry professionals dedicated to increasing awareness and making the science behind probiotics and prebiotics accessible for scientific and non-scientific audiences. Two of Winclove’s scientists are involved in the Science Translation Committee (STC), Dr. Karen Koning and Dr. Jessica Younes (Vice President) and have been actively involved in the creation of the new infographics.




ISAPP is an association of academic and industrial scientists involved in research on fundamental and applied aspects of probiotics and prebiotics. The organization promotes communication of evidence-based recommendations on the use of probiotics and prebiotics to consumers and healthcare providers. As a scientific society, ISAPP strives to have all activities focused on science, not promotion of specific commercial products. Industry involvement is considered important to this organization, but no industry group or commercial entity directs the activities or opinions of ISAPP.

Some examples of ISAPP's infographics



The infographics designed so far by the STC cover these topics:



  What are probiotics and what can they do for you?

  Prebiotics, a type of soluble fibre is another important company in your diet

  What is so special about fermented foods?

  How do you read a probiotic label? (US version)

  How do you read a Probiotic label? (EU version)  


Companies and consumers are welcome (and encouraged) to use these ISAPP infographics. Additionally, if you have input or questions about them, please do not hesitate to contact us or ISAPP to discuss your ideas. As your knowledge partner, we are happy to assist you in communicating and translating probiotic solutions.







Dr. Jessica Younes: “Both the ISAPP and Winclove are heavily focused on science and this is why our Winclove scientists contribute to the efforts of the ISAPP. Our combination of scientific expertise and market knowledge is extremely useful to the activities of the STC. The opportunity to be involved with such initiatives is very valuable for us as probiotic and microbiome scientists, especially because we stay up-to-date on the many scientific issues that face our field and can support the ISAPP to enact change and create awareness while simultaneously to helping to bring the industry perspective to the table.”




Infographics from ISAPP

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