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Probiotics boost gut health, even in healthy people.

A recently published study has shown that Winclove 500 / Bactosan Pro FOS can relieve gastrointestinal symptoms in otherwise healthy people and thereby positively influence gastrointestinal functioning in general.

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Probiotics have been the focus of a vast body of research performed over the last couple of decades which has revealed many potential health benefits on the microbiota and on a range of gastrointestinal disorders. Although many people consume probiotics daily, assuming this will confer a beneficial health effect, the effect of probiotics on healthy people has hardly been studied.  

Winclove, in collaboration with the Swiss pharma company Mepha, investigated the effect of the multispecies formulation Winclove 500, in Switzerland on the market as Bactosan Pro Fos on gut health and quality of life (QoL) in otherwise healthy adults.  






Many people who consider themselves healthy still regularly experience periods of gastrointestinal discomfort. Common symptoms that are familiar to most of us include flatulence, bloating, constipation and diarrhea. Usually these symptoms only cause minor discomfort and do not require immediate medication. The basis for these symptoms can be traced back to the composition of the gastrointestinal microbiota, which forms an important factor in gastrointestinal functioning. Disturbances in the microbiota through use of medicines, stress or dietary changes can lead to dysbiosis, by for instance reduction of diversity, reduction of beneficial bacterial strains and subsequent increased growth of pathogens (1). A great number of studies over the last decades have shown that probiotics can positively influence the microbiota (2). This has made the use of probiotics popular, also amongst healthy people who assume that consuming probiotics confer a general beneficial effect. The focus of most research, however, has been the effect of probiotics on clinically relevant gastrointestinal disorders such as Inflammatory Bowel Disease (IBD), Irritable Bowel Syndrome (IBS), celiac disease, and metabolic diseases as obesitas and diabetes. The use of probiotics on maintaining a healthy microbiota and management of minor gastrointestinal complaints has been studied only marginally, although some of these studies that have been performed show a clear benefit to the use of probiotics.


The study

In collaboration with the pharmaceutical company Mepha, Winclove Probiotics investigated the effects of the multispecies formulation Winclove 500, marketed in Switzerland as Bactosan Pro Fos, on otherwise healthy adults. Since it becomes more recognized that the patients’ experience of complaints and the disease is very relevant for their actual health status, the research was not only focused on gastrointestinal symptoms but also on the impact of these symptoms on QoL of the patient.    

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Study population & design

Forty volunteers with non-specific gastrointestinal complaints were selected from 3 Swiss health centers. They were given Winclove 500/Bactosan Pro FOS daily for 6 weeks. Gastrointestinal functional parameters were scored weekly. In addition, the effect on quality of life was measured, using a validated questionnaire.  




At baseline, the median for the combined GI symptoms score was 10 (4-21) and changed by the end of the study to 6 (0-15), demonstrating a significant improvement (p<0.05). Results on frequency of symptoms were also expressed as the percentage of subjects reporting to be asymptomatic. It was shown that forepigastric pain (17.5 % at the start, 45% at the end, p<0.02), epigastric fullness (17.5 – 42.5%, p<0.03) and frequent flatulence (2,5 – 22.5%, p<0.02) the number of subjects reporting to be asymptotic after 6 weeks of probiotic use was significantly higher compared to baseline. As can be seen from figure 1, these scores were still going up, suggesting that further improvement could be expected on prolonged use of the probiotic.  

The treatment was well-tolerated, 66% of the participants reported to be satisfied with the effect on intestinal function. The parameters on QoL (energy status, well-being, state of health) showed a slight improvement after 6 weeks of probiotic use, however this difference was not significant. This could be explained by the fact that participants already reported a high quality of life at the start of the trial period.


Winclove 500 / Bactosan Pro Fos

The probiotic formulation W500 has been developed to improve intestinal health of adults and bacterial strains have been selected based on criteria related to conquer pathogens, strengthen gut barrier function and modulate the immune system.


This multispecies, broad-spectrum probiotic consists of 8 bacterial strains; 

B. lactis W51 

B. lactis W52

E. faecium W54 

L. acidophilus W22 

L. paracasei W20 

L. plantarum W21 

L. salivarius W24 

Lc. lactis W19


With PROBIOACT® Technology; protective and nutritional ingredients that improve the efficacy of the product.


New W500 Publication_572










Figure 1. Percentage of participants reported to be asymptomatic for epigastric pain (line), epigastric
fullness (dotted line) or flatulence (striped line). *p < 0.05.



The found results are in line with previous performed studies showing positive effects on relief of GI-symptoms by probiotic supplementation in healthy volunteers2-4. Taken together, this study has shown that Winclove 500 / Bactosan Pro FOS can relieve gastrointestinal symptoms in otherwise healthy people and thereby positively influences gastrointestinal functioning in general.



W500/ Bactosan Pro Fos is a b2b formulation. The information in this article should not be used by consumers to diagnose, cure or prevent any diseases.


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New W500 Publication

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