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Speakers Academy

As a key player in microbiota management, we strive to provide our business partners with high quality probiotics that improve health naturally.

However, we are much more than just a probiotic supplier:  

-          As an experienced partner for renowned universities and research institutes, we are always on top of the latest developments, and trends in the field of microbiota research.  

-          Moreover, we understand the questions and needs of our partners’ customers due to our tremendous experience on the healthcare market. Over the years, this experience has turned us into a true science center for health care professionals.


This combination of probiotic supplier, microbiota research partner, and science center for health care professionals has made us the first choice for companies seeking high quality probiotics and support. 


The Winclove's Speakers Academy trailer gives you an impression about how Winclove's experts could support you in getting your message across!

We know from experience that the world of the microbiota is very complex and that education is key for the successful marketing of probiotic formulations. As your business partner, we are eager to share our knowledge with you, empowering you to develop ideas for your business, and help think of possible solutions. Our experts are very experienced speakers and excited to share their knowledge with you, capable of speaking for all sorts of audiences, including your sales team, scientists, or health care professionals.


In the Speakers Academy trailer, our professionals give you a glimpse on the people behind Winclove’s Speakers Academy and their field of expertise. We will be happy to discuss your needs and we are looking forward to support you in learning everything you want to know about microbiota management.




Winclove speakers academy

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