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Educational Materials for Healthcare Professionals 


Part 1: Patient folder and recipe block


By Dr. Karen Koning





Until recently Winclove only sold its probiotic formulations business to business. However, in 2012 Winclove decided to bring its own brand to the Dutch market.  The Health Care Department  has  gained a lot of experience and has developed several educational materials for Dutch consumers and health care professionals.  In the coming B2B newsletters we will share our experiences, best practices and educational materials with you. When interested you are free to use the content as you wish!


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Karen Koning, Global Education Manager & Senior Scientist at Winclove Probiotics 





The reason for starting a Health Care Department was twofold. Although we had performed many research projects in the Netherland with academic hospitals and  renowned research institutes that had clinically significant outcomes, our probiotics were still not being advised in the Dutch regular health care market. In addition, we wanted to be able to even better support our business partners by understanding the challenges they were facing in bringing their probiotic products to the market. Therefore, in 2012 Health Care was founded  with the main focus  to be a testing-ground and to learn by doing and to share our experience with our partners.

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Health Care decided to enter the Dutch market with 4 formulations, namely Ecologic AAD, Ecologic Relief, Ecologic 825 and Winclove 500. These formulations were chosen because they had solid scientific evidence (the Ecologic formulations) or good marketing feedback from our B2B partners (Winclove 500) and fitted very well with our primary target area gastroenterology.  

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Winclove's consumer brand, Winbiotic

Health Care had no experience in bringing probiotics to the market and  launching a new consumer product line took a lot of work and was far more challenging than expected. We soon learned that targeting the medical doctors wasn’t a very successful route in the Dutch market. First of all, Dutch medical doctors are known to be very conservative (the level of evidence expected for a food supplement is far higher than for a medicine), they lack knowledge on the role of the microbiota in health and disease and most importantly, the medical (patient’s) need is not evident for them. For instance after a surgeon has successfully applied a stoma his/her work is finished. However, for the patient their problems only just begin (diarrhoea, leakage, high output, etc). They are happy that the cancer is removed but their quality of life has significantly decreased.  Therefore, Health Care successfully shifted its focus to the more practically oriented health care professionals (nurses, dieticians, etc) who focus more on the patients quality of life.  In line with this we also learned that area’s focusing more on the patient as a whole (like paediatricians and geriatrics) were far more open to understanding the value of probiotics. In addition, we learned that there is a lack of knowledge on the role of the microbiota in health and disease and the possibilities for microbiota management. To overcome this problem we also set up an educational program.   

We are now 5 years further on and have gained a lot of experience. Although every market is different and has its own hurdles and challenges there is one that we all face;  the increasingly strict regulatory framework that is making it more and more challenging to communicate about probiotics and their benefits not only to consumers but unfortunately also to health care professionals.  

To communicate as best as possible within this regulatory framework Health Care has developed several marketing/education materials.


   Patient folder and recipe block

   Product information card and

     decision tree

   Educational program

   Scientific brochures


In the coming 4 newsletters I would like to share these with you, our partners, as a best practice.  

  Winbiotic recipe block

Patient folder and recipe block

In the Netherlands probiotics are not reimbursed. The feedback that we got back from our health care professionals was that even though they were convinced about the efficacy of probiotics, they needed a tool to convey this message to their clients, especially because the patient has to pay for the probiotics themselves. What are probiotics, how can they benefit me, are they safe, etc. etc? In addition,  often clients weren’t able to remember which of our probiotics were advised to them as the names are so alike.  


Because of the current legislation we cannot name our product and mention anything in relation to a specific disease or disorder.  Therefore, we came up with the following solution. We developed a general patient folder for each indication (antibiotic use, constipation, ulcerative colitis & pouchitis and IBS) that addresses these questions without any mentioning of (our) products, but including the mentioning of multispecies probiotics, which is in line with the Dutch legal frame work. In addition, we developed a recipe block which only mentions our 4 products (without any indications). Health care professionals can tick the box of the product they want to client to use.  They can add this “recipe” to the appropriate patient folder, thus linking the product to the specific indication. Due to legal restrictions it is important that the look and feel of both the patient folder and recipe block are distinctly different (style, color, etc).  



Patient folders

(Click on the image to see the Dutch folder. Click on the text box for the English text)

Educational Support_57



English text Antibiotics and Probiotics leaflet 

Educational Support_58



English text Probiotics for UC and pouchitis  

Educational Support_59



Probiotics for irritable bowel syndrome 

Educational Support_60







The feedback that we got from our health care professionals was very positive and we hope this information can be of use to you, our partner, in one way or another.  The patient folder and recipe block are in Dutch and in accordance with the Dutch/EFSA claims legislation. For your marketing materials you can make use of the Word document with the English translation. When interested you are free to use the content as you wish. You can use the content as such or ask your marketing department to use parts and adapt it to your market and your positioning of the products. Please be aware that each partner is responsible for ensuring the information is in accordance with their (local) legislation.  


If you have any questions or suggestion or would like our advice, please do not hesitate to contact us!





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