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The Ecologic Inside

Platform is Live!




By Eke Teekens


In the last years we got the feedback from you, our partners, that it is getting more and more difficult to keep the healthcare professionals up to date. This is due to the booming amount of scientific literature, the minimal time healthcare professionals have to read the literature combined with the law which is getting more and more restrictive.


Therefore, we created a platform which explains the importance and possibilities of microbiota-management to healthcare professionals for a wide range of indications. We created this platform for you. So please feel free to use it in your market.


To be on the save side of the European law, there is a pop-up for healthcare professionals only and we only explain study formulations so never make a connection to a ready-to-use consumer product.


Next to the scientific content part, there is a section where the healthcare professional can find you, our Ecologic® partner, per country.



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Are you one of our Ecologic® partners and would you like your company to be included in the partner list on the website? Or do you need help to use the website? We are more than happy to explain the possibilities to you! Also feedback about the platform is highly appreciated. Please contact us at

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Visit the Ecologic website 






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