Use of probiotics in C. difficile infection

The human microbiome and allergic diseases

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Read the scientific article 


Clostridium difficile infection (CDI) is an expensive and pervasive health care burden. It is believed that CDI disruption of the structure and/or function of a normal intestinal microbiota by e.g. antibiotics enables colonization by C. difficile, and in the absence of an effective immune response, the bacteria causes illness.

In a recently published review the role of the microbiota in the development of CDI and the potential role or probiotics in preventing and treating CD is discussed. The authors conclude that emerging data demonstrate that certain probiotics can reduce the likelihood and/or prevent the development of CDI.

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A selection of latest published reviews

on the microbiome and probiotics.

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Commencing at birth, we are continuously exposed to microbial challenges that shape our microbiome. Our gut microbiota plays an important role in shaping the immune system. Perturbation of the gut microbiome affects our health and disease.

A recently published review discussed the importance of the microbiome in allergic diseases, using all relevant articles for the past 30 years.

The authors conclude that the microbiome is essential for human development, immunity and nutrition. Probiotics may improve health by modulating local immunity, maintaining gut wall integrity and stimulating systemic immunity.

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