Winclove is now advisor of the Industrial Innovation Task Force of the EU project MyNewGut. This project investigates the gut microbiome’s influence on diet-related diseases and behavior. The objectives of this EU project are to:
 Expand knowledge of the contribution of the human microbiome to nutrient metabolism and energy balance.
 Identify microbiome-related features that contribute to or predict obesity and associated disorders.
 Understand how the gut microbiome, under the influence of environmental factors, plays a role in the brain, metabolic and immune system development in early life and long-term health consequences.
 Provide proof-of-concepts of the disease risk reduction potential of dietary interventions with new food products and ingredients that target the gut microbiome, in humans.
The project will run till the end of 2018. As a member of the Industrial Innovation Task Force, Winclove will provide input on the specific needs of the industry and contribute to disseminate project results.

 Visit the MyNewGut website  

My New Gut

plaatje mynewgut

Research project into the human gut microbiota and its genome (microbiome) influence on obesity, behavioural- and lifestyle-related disorders.

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Winclove Probiotics advises the Industrial Innovation Task Force of the EU project MyNewGut

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