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Gut bacteria make chemicals that maintain vitality in aging animals

Scientist discovered that a class of chemicals made by gut bacteria, known as indoles, can help animals to maintain mobility and resilience for more of their lifespans. 



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Is brown bread healthier than white? The answer could depend on your gut microbiota

Bread is consumed by billions of people around the world. But while most nutritionists recommend whole-wheat bread over white bread, a new study suggests that the type of bread that is best for you may depend on your gut microbiota.

COPY Ethnicity and the vaginal microbiota_1021

Missing microbes associated with heart failure

Scientists discovered that in the gut of patients with heart failure, important groups of bacteria are found less frequently and the gut microbiota is not as diverse as in healthy individuals.



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Gut microbes may talk to the brain through cortisol

Recent studies show that the microbes in our gut can communicate with the brain. But how do they do this? Results from a new study suggest they talk to the brain through cortisol and this finding  unexpectedly provides  a potential mechanism to explain the characteristics of autism.






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